The Graveyard Gang...

The Graveyard Hunters is a group of locals who like to get together and dive and spearfish, while giving back to America's Veterans.  Although we consider ourselves a "dive club", we don't have scuba club bylaws or formal meetings.  We don't take our selves too seriously, and this also goes for us as individuals.  The result is a group of fun-loving divers that like to hang out hang out and get along remarkably well without the fractionalizing and politics that is often found in other clubs.  We are a very like minded group of divers, and because of this our membership is rather small and grows slowly.  This is also the reason we don't need a formal political organization to run the group, we are non-organized, but not un-organized.

Membership in the Graveyard Hunters is quite simple.  All that is necessary is a love of diving and spearfishing and respect for fellow divers.  If that sounds like you, then come stalk with us.

Joey Gray
President & CEO
PADI Diver & Steel Slinger

Brandon Dalton
Vice President
PADI Diver & Steel Slinger

Anthony Jones
PADI Rescue Diver &
PSI Cylinder Inspecror

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